For influencers
It is a mobile application.

It's all in Inflero so that influencers can benefit from different services and collaborate more when creating content.

The first algorithmic influencer and metamarketing application

The Inflero mobile app has been carefully thought out and designed to free influencers from time and expense.


Influencer Marketing
on mobile application

Meet the new generation of Inflero, where you can collaborate with brands and benefit from free services with just a few clicks!

What can be done?

Think about everything you manage manually with calls and messages. Each of them is automated.

Main Functions

It helps brands increase efficiency and results by creating collaboration in seconds.

Collaborate with brands that choose you

View all the statistics, select the influencers that suit you according to the filters and send an offer based on the algorithmically determined transparent prices. 

Increase your results and earn more with the algorithm

With automated control, approve scripts, approve video files, track and connect with influencers. Manage collaboration automatically.

Evaluate incoming offers and find work

Get insights across all collaborations with analytics powered by our AI technology. Create a deep understanding of collaboration and optimal strategy.


Free of charge, check it out now!

other functions

Inflero Business software is carefully designed and designed to save business owners time and money.
Cooperation through barter

You can barter with hundreds of influencers through the software by specifying your products and how you want to collaborate.

Become a celebrity and work exclusively

By selecting influencers that match your branding, you can set monthly contracts and collaborate with them under exclusive conditions.

Automated sharing

Complete with just a few clicks by setting your budget and target
automated "Inflero AI" can manage your campaigns.

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